A Worldly Wishlist

As I remain stuck within boring textbooks and blue boundaries of the internet, one of the things that keep me going is making lists. I make a LOT of lists. Lists of things I did, things I will do and things I’ll never do (unless Allah wills). Here’s one of those. A quite do-able one in shaa Allah.

1. Travel under/visit an open starry sky far from the city, and reflect on all the ayahs related to ‘stars’ that I know.

2. Jump off a very high place (with a parachute) and land safely.

3. Write a life changing Islamic fiction novel.

4. Open an online Abaya business.

5. Open an Islamic club in my school.

6. Start an institution or community where people across my country (and beyond it) come together to learn Arabic, Quran, Hadith etc

7. Travel around the world with someone, not knowing when the journey ends.

In Sha Allah 🙂

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