I escaped a black hole but it left me angry

You once told me no one understood your sadness the way I did while we were talking about dark matter and the paradox of infinity and later I was thinking how your soul holds enough darkness to hold back all the gravity in the universe. While you explained your theory that everyone showed only a... Continue Reading →


Accidental Art

The abstract art formed by fallen hair on white shining tiles. The dragons and castles made of white clouds in afternoon skies. The dancing figures made of water blobs on a green bathroom floor. All the accidental art in every corner of the universe waiting in ambush to take my breath away. And yet all... Continue Reading →


But you, You are the storm on a calm sunny day The scarcely traversed bend in the way All the constellations at the end of a starless day The wave that touches every sand grain as it crashes at the bay The bright ring of light around a full moon that pushes the rest of... Continue Reading →

Taped Tennis Balls

A glimpse back. A minute. Now that seemed infinite. Two 8-year-olds Across the playground courts. They knew nothing better and nothing worse. No unuttered grudges, no cold remorse, No holding back thoughts, no repelling force. "Will you play with me?" "Of course." Never ending conversations Illogical fascinations Unrelated correlations Misunderstood connotations Games full of incarnations... Continue Reading →

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