All I Can Give You Is A Blank Screen

I wish you could see How long I've stared At blank pages How long my fingers Have hovered over a blank screen Looking for words. But I'm too scared To write about you. Not because The words might give away Too much of what I feel Not because They won't be good enough Not because... Continue Reading →



What a waste it would be To fall in love And not write pages Upon pages Of poetry To have a muse But fill no museums With art To not have your sleeves turn red From your bleeding heart. That would be more tragic Than to never fall in love at all. But here I... Continue Reading →


I don't remember in which grade I learned the word "revolution" But I remember That once it entered my lungs It never left my veins. I read about Joan of Arc In my Children's Illustrated History book And for nights I dreamed of horses And enemy lines And burning stakes. I read that Alexander was... Continue Reading →

Empty Glass

Some nights you can feel all the oceans and mountains and hot burning stars inside your head surging and quaking and pulsing to break free and explode and fall onto the pages of an unwritten book or into the nearly empty glass of life by your bedside that's tired of holding a void for so... Continue Reading →

Accidental Art

The abstract art formed by fallen hair on white shining tiles. The dragons and castles made of white clouds in afternoon skies. The dancing figures made of water blobs on a green bathroom floor. All the accidental art in every corner of the universe waiting in ambush to take my breath away. And yet all... Continue Reading →

Sketching A Soul

Have you ever noticed That the biggest adventure in life Is gradually getting to know a person? It's like doing an elaborate sketch Like those tutorials, or your kindergarten drawing books. First you draw a bunch of shapes - A circle here and a rectangle there, A few lines on the sides. Then inside those... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Sounds

"What's your favorite sound in the world?" you ask. On Fridays, it's the sound inside the masjid When everyone's clothes rustle in sync As their faces touch the ground In awe of their Creator. It's less of a sound and more of a feeling That slowly fades into the euphoria Of finding the purpose of... Continue Reading →


There's a light switch Constantly being turned on And off And on Inside me. Flick. Too much noise in my head Flick. A void in my soul. Flick. What a colorful universe! Flick. Full of black holes. Flick. I'm laughing like a maniac Flick. Talk to me and you're dead. Flick. Let's go for a... Continue Reading →


Some days You'll have a bitter taste in your mouth From something someone said Something someone didn't say A memory coming out of nowhere The thought of a missed chance The guilt of living too less The guilt of living too much The guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt For anything and everything And something and nothing... Continue Reading →


You are like sitting by a campfire in the darkest of nights and the softest of breezes. As warm as I could get yet not warm enough. And as I slowly drown in this cosiness i know i can never get too close without burning myself.

Dark Matter

You're a pixelated reality A handful of insanity A trigger to some vanity The unuttered profanity That threatens inhumanity An uncalled for calamity That drills through my sanity Falls before no immunity And pulls stronger than gravity Drenched in its naïvity And merciless audacity A rebel 'gainst felicity A display of monstrosity. A people-less community. The... Continue Reading →

The Shift

And one day, Something changed. Something in the universe shifted. As if a long forgotten veil had been lifted. The winds seemed to shiver in awe Of the new life she had been gifted. No one else noticed. No one had to know. Perhaps it was the soft, ultrasonic laughter of the angels At the... Continue Reading →


But you, You are the storm on a calm sunny day The scarcely traversed bend in the way All the constellations at the end of a starless day The wave that touches every sand grain as it crashes at the bay The bright ring of light around a full moon that pushes the rest of... Continue Reading →

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