“Verse”-atility in the Quran: How same ayahs keep amazing people across time

Just a quick thought.One thing I love about the Quran is it's ability to adapt with the knowledge and understanding of people at different times. The message doesn't change, the words remain the same, but those same ayahs have something to offer for everyone. It's like every verse is a.....MultiVerse (pun intended :v).Whether you are... Continue Reading →


Why Isn’t There More Science in the Quran?

Introduction (You can skip this. This has no point.) Today I was standing at the counter of a stationary shop, waiting for the sales person to finish talking with other customers and takinh my money. (Completely unnecessary sidenote: this is my favourite stationery shop from good old school days, and I remember always thinking that... Continue Reading →

The Taqdir Doubts

Once someone knocked me on facebook and asked this question: THE QUESTION: (IT'S IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT'S A SCARY QUESTION AND YOU SHOULD RUN WHILE YOU CAN) If Allah already knows everything, He surely knows what we're gonna do, when and how we will do sins in the future. He also knows already who'll... Continue Reading →

What is it about the Quran?

Someone once asked me how I still believe that the Quran is divine considering all the modern cosmological and scientific theories. While answering this I started thinking, when had I exactly started whole-heartedly believing that this Book is divine and not man-made? And what exactly had convinced me of its divinity? I was taught to... Continue Reading →

Escaping The Castle

This was originally written in 2016 for the 2nd edition of Fajr Lifestyle Magazine. It's the only time I wrote a short story of proper length and Islamic content. So I've been reeeally wanting to post it in my blog, but lost the softcopy 😥  Finally after a lot of searching I found it Alhamdulillah!!... Continue Reading →

The Shift

And one day, Something changed. Something in the universe shifted. As if a long forgotten veil had been lifted. The winds seemed to shiver in awe Of the new life she had been gifted. No one else noticed. No one had to know. Perhaps it was the soft, ultrasonic laughter of the angels At the... Continue Reading →

A Three-fold Strategy To Survive Loneliness And Other Youth Issues

Originally posted on ibana. Of the many struggles that the practicing Muslim youth face on a personal level, one of the most common yet untalked of is the battle against loneliness and frustration without falling into any of the fitnah and Haram that surround them. This is not just about fighting desires and urges, that’s a... Continue Reading →

A Depressed Post

Things that hurt me beyond words: 1) When people whom I love do things that might greatly displease Allah SWT and I can't stop them 2) When my mother shows annoyance at my learning Arabic or wearing Abayas 3) When I watch my friends wasting their life on boys, music etc and I can't do... Continue Reading →

In Different Shoes

Have you ever walked through a street while imagining yourself to be someone else? Looking at everything, the posters and the billboards and the cars and the people, from someone else’s eyes – a random foreigner, or maybe a superstar that you like? I do it sometimes. I pretend I’m this guy from a complete... Continue Reading →

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