Hifdh Snippets #1 : Stories VS Theory

Just sharing a random realization. When memorizing a surah, I find it MUCH easier to memorize if it contains stories or a continuous timeline. On the other hand, surahs which have mainly theological descriptions are harder to remember and need more revision. Given that you know the story (and a little bit of Arabic), it... Continue Reading →


My Favorite Shortcut To A Good Quality Salah

Want a shortcut to boosting the quality of your salah? Memorize some new ayahs from the Quran. It can be just 3-4 tiny ayahs from the 30th juz. Or an entire surah. Anything. Now pray your salah with the newly memorized ayahs after surah Fatiha (the minimum is 3 ayahs). If you've done this before... Continue Reading →

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