Quran Journal #1: Surah Kahf 18:28

Okay,  I'm attempting to start a new series (inner me: haha here we go again), which I hope to write at least once per week. This will be about any ayah(s) I come across which deeply influences me, or makes me feel that it needs to be written about. Bismillah! Why this ayah hit me like... Continue Reading →


The Perfect Piece Of Memory

My eleven year old hand frantically swishes the mouse around As the pixelated face of Harry Potter bobs around the computer screen Both of us trying to remember the next spell Both of us stuck in the surrealness of our perfect worlds. 10 points for Gryffindor, announces my stereo soundboxes. I pause the game to... Continue Reading →

Taped Tennis Balls

A glimpse back. A minute. Now that seemed infinite. Two 8-year-olds Across the playground courts. They knew nothing better and nothing worse. No unuttered grudges, no cold remorse, No holding back thoughts, no repelling force. "Will you play with me?" "Of course." Never ending conversations Illogical fascinations Unrelated correlations Misunderstood connotations Games full of incarnations... Continue Reading →

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