Let The Darkness Guide You

[Something I found among my old notes from a long time ago] Our Prophet (saw) faced every single affliction a human soul can emotionally take. He didn’t even get a chance to properly know his mother, let alone feel her love when growing up. He lost Khadija (ra) at the most vulnerable point of his... Continue Reading →


A Three-fold Strategy To Survive Loneliness And Other Youth Issues

Originally posted on ibana. Of the many struggles that the practicing Muslim youth face on a personal level, one of the most common yet untalked of is the battle against loneliness and frustration without falling into any of the fitnah and Haram that surround them. This is not just about fighting desires and urges, that’s a... Continue Reading →

Deeper than brown

She had a puddle of peace beneath her feetHer eyes spelt turmoil and hate and heat. She had scars on her heart from the things she never saidAnd scars on her tongue from the ones she did.Her hair was damaged from the shackles on her headSplit ends and dandruff and a conscience too dead.Her muddy brown... Continue Reading →

A Depressed Post

Things that hurt me beyond words: 1) When people whom I love do things that might greatly displease Allah SWT and I can't stop them 2) When my mother shows annoyance at my learning Arabic or wearing Abayas 3) When I watch my friends wasting their life on boys, music etc and I can't do... Continue Reading →

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