“Verse”-atility in the Quran: How same ayahs keep amazing people across time

Just a quick thought.One thing I love about the Quran is it's ability to adapt with the knowledge and understanding of people at different times. The message doesn't change, the words remain the same, but those same ayahs have something to offer for everyone. It's like every verse is a.....MultiVerse (pun intended :v).Whether you are... Continue Reading →


It's a lot of pressure, having to remember all these pieces of information, knowing that I'm not allowed to lose them, until the next time I talk to you. If infinity had a fathomable definition, it would be the time between one walaikum-assalam and the next assalamu-'alaikum between us. Or the zero point five seconds of "first-glance"... Continue Reading →

The Taqdir Doubts

Once someone knocked me on facebook and asked this question: THE QUESTION: (IT'S IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT'S A SCARY QUESTION AND YOU SHOULD RUN WHILE YOU CAN) If Allah already knows everything, He surely knows what we're gonna do, when and how we will do sins in the future. He also knows already who'll... Continue Reading →

A Three-fold Strategy To Survive Loneliness And Other Youth Issues

Originally posted on ibana. Of the many struggles that the practicing Muslim youth face on a personal level, one of the most common yet untalked of is the battle against loneliness and frustration without falling into any of the fitnah and Haram that surround them. This is not just about fighting desires and urges, that’s a... Continue Reading →

When Your Hands Are Tied Up

Imagine earning money, but not being able to give away a single penny. Imagine memorising breathtakingly long and amazing surahs of the Quran, but not being able to recite them in your Salah. Imagine learning things, gaining ilm, but not being able to teach them to a single soul. Imagine knowing about the immense virtues... Continue Reading →

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