What is it about the Quran?

Someone once asked me how I still believe that the Quran is divine considering all the modern cosmological and scientific theories. While answering this I started thinking, when had I exactly started whole-heartedly believing that this Book is divine and not man-made? And what exactly had convinced me of its divinity? I was taught to... Continue Reading →


Quran Journal #1: Surah Kahf 18:28

Okay,  I'm attempting to start a new series (inner me: haha here we go again), which I hope to write at least once per week. This will be about any ayah(s) I come across which deeply influences me, or makes me feel that it needs to be written about. Bismillah! Why this ayah hit me like... Continue Reading →

That’s How The Quran Starts

In the first ayah of the Quran - Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem - the first letter is “Ba”. Here the “Ba” can have two meanings - isti'aanah (seeking help) and Musaahabah (seeking closeness/companionship). “In” the name of Allah - implies seeking help from Allah “With” the name of Allah - implies wanting the closeness/companionship of Allah... Continue Reading →

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