“Verse”-atility in the Quran: How same ayahs keep amazing people across time

Just a quick thought.One thing I love about the Quran is it's ability to adapt with the knowledge and understanding of people at different times. The message doesn't change, the words remain the same, but those same ayahs have something to offer for everyone. It's like every verse is a.....MultiVerse (pun intended :v).Whether you are... Continue Reading →


Why Isn’t There More Science in the Quran?

Introduction (You can skip this. This has no point.) Today I was standing at the counter of a stationary shop, waiting for the sales person to finish talking with other customers and takinh my money. (Completely unnecessary sidenote: this is my favourite stationery shop from good old school days, and I remember always thinking that... Continue Reading →

What is it about the Quran?

Someone once asked me how I still believe that the Quran is divine considering all the modern cosmological and scientific theories. While answering this I started thinking, when had I exactly started whole-heartedly believing that this Book is divine and not man-made? And what exactly had convinced me of its divinity? I was taught to... Continue Reading →

That’s How The Quran Starts

In the first ayah of the Quran - Bismillahir rahmaanir raheem - the first letter is “Ba”. Here the “Ba” can have two meanings - isti'aanah (seeking help) and Musaahabah (seeking closeness/companionship). “In” the name of Allah - implies seeking help from Allah “With” the name of Allah - implies wanting the closeness/companionship of Allah... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Dua #1

The world has this crazy habit of trying to pull you back towards it the moment you try to make it beyond its force field. Gravity against spirituality, I like to call it. You might think you've made it; freed yourself from the shackles of pure materialism and internalized a larger reality. But maybe the... Continue Reading →

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