Sadaqah: The Most Secure Vault For Keeping Your Money

Once I heard someone explain a concept that completely changed my perspective on giving charity. "Giving Sadaqah is like transferring some of your money to an 'Akhirah Account'. It will be returned to you in crazy proportions in Akhirah. But that's not it. It will also come back multiplied in this life as well. There... Continue Reading →


The Taqdir Doubts

Once someone knocked me on facebook and asked this question: THE QUESTION: (IT'S IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT'S A SCARY QUESTION AND YOU SHOULD RUN WHILE YOU CAN) If Allah already knows everything, He surely knows what we're gonna do, when and how we will do sins in the future. He also knows already who'll... Continue Reading →

Escaping The Castle

This was originally written in 2016 for the 2nd edition of Fajr Lifestyle Magazine. It's the only time I wrote a short story of proper length and Islamic content. So I've been reeeally wanting to post it in my blog, but lost the softcopy đŸ˜„  Finally after a lot of searching I found it Alhamdulillah!!... Continue Reading →

A Three-fold Strategy To Survive Loneliness And Other Youth Issues

Originally posted on ibana. Of the many struggles that the practicing Muslim youth face on a personal level, one of the most common yet untalked of is the battle against loneliness and frustration without falling into any of the fitnah and Haram that surround them. This is not just about fighting desires and urges, that’s a... Continue Reading →

When Your Hands Are Tied Up

Imagine earning money, but not being able to give away a single penny. Imagine memorising breathtakingly long and amazing surahs of the Quran, but not being able to recite them in your Salah. Imagine learning things, gaining ilm, but not being able to teach them to a single soul. Imagine knowing about the immense virtues... Continue Reading →

18 Fun Things To Do When You’re Alone And Bored

Record speeches in your own voice and listen to them. Write down/sketch out a dream you remember. Draw a stick figure comic strip. Or write poetry. Just get your creative juices out. Do a DIY decor for your wall. Read a book out loud in mimicked voices. (Record if you’re bold enough.)   Or... Continue Reading →

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