Obsessive Compulsive Snores

1:33 AM, says the black bar on top of my phone screen. The blue rays from the CPU keep blinking like crazy My eyes all hazy From lack of sleep. The occasional beep Of midnight trucks Pierce my insomniac ears. My brother's sobs have turned to snores, His unstraightened bedsheet waits of course. What could... Continue Reading →


Some Resources To Help With Hifz

APPS: Quran Memorization (Hafiz) Set the particular Surah or verse(s) you want to memorize, and this app will play it on loop, while you can read along at the same time. You can choose the reciter. You can also specify how many times you want the verses to repeat. App size: 48 MB e Hafiz... Continue Reading →

When Your Hands Are Tied Up

Imagine earning money, but not being able to give away a single penny. Imagine memorising breathtakingly long and amazing surahs of the Quran, but not being able to recite them in your Salah. Imagine learning things, gaining ilm, but not being able to teach them to a single soul. Imagine knowing about the immense virtues... Continue Reading →

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