18 Fun Things To Do When You’re Alone And Bored

Record speeches in your own voice and listen to them. Write down/sketch out a dream you remember. Draw a stick figure comic strip. Or write poetry. Just get your creative juices out. Do a DIY decor for your wall. http://www.makinghomebase.com/temporary-wall-treatments Read a book out loud in mimicked voices. (Record if you’re bold enough.)   Or... Continue Reading →


Taped Tennis Balls

A glimpse back. A minute. Now that seemed infinite. Two 8-year-olds Across the playground courts. They knew nothing better and nothing worse. No unuttered grudges, no cold remorse, No holding back thoughts, no repelling force. "Will you play with me?" "Of course." Never ending conversations Illogical fascinations Unrelated correlations Misunderstood connotations Games full of incarnations... Continue Reading →

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