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***Dear muslimah:-‘I know im committing wrong but I can’t stop sinning..!***

This is an issue which I was messaged about..quite distressed the sister was and even though the sister did admit it..I am not the judge as Allah knows intentions and I feel this topic is something (whether we openly admit it or not) is something affecting us awl in this society!! May Allah reward the sister for being able to recognize that she’s commiting wrong and her intentions for wanting to change..we are not to judge because we are all full of flaws unfortunately and we all want to change back!

‘We are all sinful to some degree or another.. But that which differentiates us from the disobedient is the act of repentance. Even if you fall into sin again make sincere Tawbah..and continue repenting until one the will of Allah you are able to desist from commiting…

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On Death And Other Nagging Thoughts

“It does not matter how slow you move, as long as you do not stop,” said some great thinker once. I feel bound to disagree with him. Because firstly, timing counts. And secondly, the acts of moving slow and stopping are often cause and effect of each other. Moving too slow quite often results in... Continue Reading →

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