“Verse”-atility in the Quran: How same ayahs keep amazing people across time

Just a quick thought.One thing I love about the Quran is it's ability to adapt with the knowledge and understanding of people at different times. The message doesn't change, the words remain the same, but those same ayahs have something to offer for everyone. It's like every verse is a.....MultiVerse (pun intended :v).Whether you are... Continue Reading →


Why Isn’t There More Science in the Quran?

Introduction (You can skip this. This has no point.) Today I was standing at the counter of a stationary shop, waiting for the sales person to finish talking with other customers and takinh my money. (Completely unnecessary sidenote: this is my favourite stationery shop from good old school days, and I remember always thinking that... Continue Reading →

It's a lot of pressure, having to remember all these pieces of information, knowing that I'm not allowed to lose them, until the next time I talk to you. If infinity had a fathomable definition, it would be the time between one walaikum-assalam and the next assalamu-'alaikum between us. Or the zero point five seconds of "first-glance"... Continue Reading →

The Taqdir Doubts

Once someone knocked me on facebook and asked this question: THE QUESTION: (IT'S IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE IT'S A SCARY QUESTION AND YOU SHOULD RUN WHILE YOU CAN) If Allah already knows everything, He surely knows what we're gonna do, when and how we will do sins in the future. He also knows already who'll... Continue Reading →


Did you ever see the world upside down? You tilt your head backwards and stretch it back, back, back until your neck feels like it will snap any moment and that's when you notice the view. The view makes you gasp everything looks surreal and wrong like a morning dream where you know you are... Continue Reading →


What a waste it would be To fall in love And not write pages Upon pages Of poetry To have a muse But fill no museums With art To not have your sleeves turn red From your bleeding heart. That would be more tragic Than to never fall in love at all. But here I... Continue Reading →


I don't remember in which grade I learned the word "revolution" But I remember That once it entered my lungs It never left my veins. I read about Joan of Arc In my Children's Illustrated History book And for nights I dreamed of horses And enemy lines And burning stakes. I read that Alexander was... Continue Reading →

Empty Glass

Some nights you can feel all the oceans and mountains and hot burning stars inside your head surging and quaking and pulsing to break free and explode and fall onto the pages of an unwritten book or into the nearly empty glass of life by your bedside that's tired of holding a void for so... Continue Reading →

Accidental Art

The abstract art formed by fallen hair on white shining tiles. The dragons and castles made of white clouds in afternoon skies. The dancing figures made of water blobs on a green bathroom floor. All the accidental art in every corner of the universe waiting in ambush to take my breath away. And yet all... Continue Reading →

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